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AERNNOVA Engineering Solutions Iberica

AERNNOVA Engineering Solutions Iberica (AESI)

AERNNOVA Company was founded in April 2006, it can be considered as a global Aerostructures Company that offers a complete range of products and services like Integral management of complete aerostructures, engineering expertise in research and development of aeroplane component design, and fabrication of metallic and composite components.


Department involved in the project

Research and Technology Department. AERNNOVA has continued to develop its main R+D+I programs which comprise new methods for design and analysis of aeronautical structures, new processes and materials.


Main contact

José Ramon Sainz De Aja Ramos

Avda. Manoteras 20 5a Planta
Edif B
28050 Madrid

Main contribution to the project

In WP1, AERNNOVA will provide the requirements for quality assessment of the aeronautical demonstrator that will be a stiffened panel representative of a composite aircraft fuselage.

In WP5, AERNNOVA is the Leader of the WP and will provide its experience in simulations of manufacturing processes of composite parts and it performance in impact scenarios. Since a manufacturing process of a composite part may have a significant influence on mechanical properties and therefore in material impact behavior. The dependence of all manufacturing phases (draping, injection strategy, curing, distortion) on the final properties of the composite layup and the damage tolerance of the material, involves a deep study of each phase separately. With this knowledge obtained by simulation of all the process involved, the quality of the manufactured part and its impact behavior enough for each application, can be ensured.

In WP8, AERNNOVA will be involved in the manufacturing of the aeronautical demonstrator for validating the feasibility of the project process.


Key people involved

Mr. Jose Ramón Sainz de Aja Ramos, Bachelor and Master Degree in Industrial Engineering (Mechanics), Politechnical University of Madrid (UPM). Master in Automotive Engineering, Institute for Automotive Research of Community of Madrid INSIA (UPM). Two years working in European Projects for INSIA. Two years of PhD in Vehicles Engineering Department by UPM. 10 years of experience in aeronautical sector as stress



Mr. Federico Martin de la Escalera, Head of R&D Department. Mining Engineer (1994) and Ph.D. (pending) in structural Analysis and Continuum Mechanics Department at Carlos III University of Madrid. 15 years experience in Aerospace industry, working the design and development of structural components, participating in different projects.